Ivory Coast’s Ambitious Land Administration Modernization Project

19 novembre 2023
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Ivory Coast, long grappling with challenges in property rights administration, is set to undergo a transformative journey. The Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Urban Development (MCLU) has taken a significant step towards modernization by partnering with IGN FI.

This collaboration aims to streamline and digitize the urban land administration process, marking a crucial milestone in Ivory Coast’s pursuit of efficient and secure property rights management.

The Genesis of Change

In a strategic move during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Ivory Coast on December 20, 2019, the MCLU inked a pivotal contract with IGN FI. The objective is clear: overhauling the traditional and cumbersome land administration system plaguing the country for years.

Project Blueprint – Integrated Urban Land Administration System (IULAS)

The project unfolds through nine interconnected components, collectively paving the way for creating an Integrated Urban Land Administration System (IULAS). This system serves as a unifying platform for multiple public authorities, including the Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Urban Development and the Ministry Delegate to the Prime Minister responsible for the Budget and the State’s Portfolio.

Objectives and Impact

The overarching goal is to expedite the issuance of administrative documents, a task marred by manual processes and bureaucratic complexities. The transition to a digital format is expected to enhance the security of land registry information, thereby mitigating disputes and reducing legal claims.

The ripple effect includes a boost in both direct and indirect revenues for the State and an improved business climate in Ivory Coast.

Funding the Future

Securing the financial backbone of this ambitious initiative, the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) steps in with approximately eighteen billion CFA francs (over 27 million euros). This funding, guaranteed by the French Treasury, kickstarts the first phase of implementation, focusing on Greater Abidjan and Assinie.

Geographical Focus – Greater Abidjan and Assinie

The initial implementation phase zeroes in on Greater Abidjan and Assinie, key areas where the simplification and digital conversion project will unfold. This targeted approach allows for a concentrated effort in overcoming specific challenges and sets the stage for broader expansion.

A Catalyst for Change

Beyond the technical aspects, this initiative is poised to become a catalyst for change in Ivory Coast’s administrative landscape. By harnessing technology to revolutionize land administration, the country not only addresses immediate challenges but also sets a precedent for a more streamlined and responsive governance system.


Ivory Coast’s commitment to modernize its land administration system reflects a forward-thinking approach to governance. The collaboration with IGN FI, coupled with strategic funding, positions the country on a trajectory of progress, promising a future where property rights are secure, processes are expedited, and the overall business climate thrives.

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